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Join Tuesday Trivia and encounter Mr. Peabody's WayBack Machine! Trivia Host Richard Cauldwell has discovered the secret of Disney time travel! Stop in any Tuesday night at 9pm eastern and test your knowledge of not only all things Disney but all things "old" Disney. There's fun and fellowship to be had and a look back at the "good old days." Do you remember your first visit to WDW? How about Disneyland or even one of the more distant Euro-Disney parks? Toko? Who knows where "Mr. Peabody" Richard might take us?

Friends, I need your help. For more than ten years now, I've managed to keep this service up and running for all of you at no chage. It is no longer free to me and I'm in a bind. If you want to keep the service running and trivia alive on Tuesdays, please consider making a donation to help us defray the $120 per month it is costing me to keep the server on the internet. As little as $5 per month would be a huge help! The simplest way to handle a donation is to use Paypal. You can do that by clicking this button:

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In Memorium:
Larry W. Wood 1944 - 2009

Founder of "Destination Orlando," the first-ever online travel-information forum for Florida tourism (1981). Founder of The Florida Forum. Founder of The Go Graphics Forums on the CompuServe Information Service. Larry and I worked together for 13 years and I will surely miss his deep, gravelly laugh and engaging smile.
Requisate im Pacem dear friend

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